Campusleakz Welcomes KNUST Students
Whew….. Tight harmattan we got here. Never mind, we’ll deal with it.
Campusleakz welcomes all KNUST students to a brand new semester never to happen again.
Already people are trooping to notice boards and enquiring when results will be pasted. Keep calm and continue to hope for the very best.
As a student-based media, Campusleakz is going to offer all the assistance you’ll need academically, socially, spiritually and emotionally.
We got a lot for you this semester and ask you to keep supporting us.
CampuzLeaks is opening its doors to interested people who would love to work with us. Kindly contact our team leader on 0570486297 or the KNUST Chief Correspondent on 0548523033.
You are welcome to do business with us by calling our Marketing Unit on 0274318704 (Vodafone) for all business transactions such as adverts.

Welcome to a blissful semester and remember that every time is like a blank CD, what you do to the time makes it relevant or useless.
We say we love you lots.

Campusleakz…….. Your foremost campus informer


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