I have always hated people who totally loose it when their “hearts get broken”. To some, it’s a question of “what did I ever do” and to others its “I would never love again”. This same question and statement are made away with in most cases. Give it a few months, a year or 2 at most. The expressions “Love Grows” is particularly interesting and true. There are a few other expressions of love that I think are true. The thing is, I know a lot of friends who always use the word “LOVE” whenever they date. If they breaks up with a so-called “LOVE” today, that same person would start a new relationship some few months later and be in Love again. Get it?

Have always wondered if all what I see in the movies and read in the books existed; Titanic, Romeo and Juliet, Twilight and the likes. They take love to a different level. Making love a really special thing. They are ready to die for each other, understand each other, care for each other and all the phrases and words you can attribute to love. 
Another thing is, is there really anything like types of love? The Agape love and what have we is quite useless to me. LOVE is one. LOVE is LOVE. There only thing is, some “loves” are intimate than others. Like a mother-son LOVE and Husband-wife LOVE. I see no reason why LOVE must be in forms or types or whatever it is.
My point here is that, we have to learn to use the word LIKE more often, because it defines relationships better. If u like someone; you care, you adore, you understand, you are there for the person in times of need. No “broken heart”. 
Love is NOT about CHOCLATE and ROSES. The same way marriage is NOT about SEXUAL SATISFACTION and PROCREATION. LOVE is more than that. LOVE is doing the impossible for your partner. LOVE is been able to finish each other’s sentences. LOVE is feeling lonely when your partner leaves for work. LOVE is choosing your partner over everything. The fact that u are always thinking about someone doesn’t mean you LOVE him or her.
I tell you I don’t believe in Boyfriend/Girlfriend LOVE and you tell me am HEARTLESS. Yet between the two of us, my relationships are always the better. Dude be honest to that girl. Tell her you ADORE her, tell her you LIKE her. Do u understand love at all? I dont know why everybody claims to be in love nowadays. People meet for the first time and after a week, u hear them telling each other “I LOVE YOU”. 
Love is far bigger than what people take it to be. If u really want to know what love is ask your MOM and DAD. I put it to you “there is no girl on this earth who can take the place of your MOM or no boy who can take the place of your DAD”. Love is one, there is nothing like loving someone more than another person. Ask yourself, why do you claim you love your GIRLFRIEND/BOYFRIEND so much but yet still your MOTHER/FATHERS` love supersedes that of your partner. What am trying to say here is this, the very day you are told to choose between your MOM and your girlfriend or your DAD and your boyfriend and you can’t choose between them, that’s when you can say you love your partner.
To all the weak- hearted girls who cry till their eyes pop-out, when they “BREAK UP” with the “LOVE” of their lives. Just shut up, if you were “HEART- BROKEN”, you will be dead by now. Stop disturbing your friends with your wailing. I thought he was madly in love with you. What happened? That’s not how LOVE works? You were so “LOVE-STRUCK” that, you didn’t notice he was cheating or was just taking advantage of you. Other guys will use and dump you just like he did. All they need to say is “I LOVE YOU” and then polish their other lines a little. That’s it right? I wonder how many guys you will love till marriage. I pity your future husband. He will be the tenth guy you have said “I LOVE YOU” to. Are you a whore or what? Or your lips just love saying “I LOVE YOU”.
An annoying High-Five to all the guys out there who are using the “I LOVE YOU TRICK”. How is it going guys? I bet it’s going better than you hoped. God is watching you. Keep “breaking” the hearts of those innocent and “I will only date a guy who LOVES me” girls. Ah well, since they will only date guys who “LOVE” them and guys are so good at lying, then I guess that settles the score.

Written by Hanif Mustapha (c) 2015


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