These are characteristics in a person, if you are married to, you are not advised to leave them. It will be grave to do that. Check these characteristics:
1. The spouse who is good with the kids.
2. The spouse has struggled with you through life and helped you achieve a status.
3. The spouse who respects you; respect is priceless
4. The spouse who is loyal to you.
5. The spouse who does not give you any stress. People take these people for granted
6. The spouse who supports your dream and encourage you become all you can become.
7. The spouse who knows how to handle money and resourceful.
8. The spouse who truly loves; most marriages do not start with love but strategy
9. The spouse who defy their parents to marry you.
10. The spouse who will give his or her life in place for you; a jewel.

By Uncle Ebo Whyte of Roverman Productions/
Compiled by CampusLeakz


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