SOCIOLOGY OF SUICIDE; A case of the recent incidents at UG and KNUST (Part 1)

This will not be a very detailed piece of writing but simple and basic enough to help all appreciate the social issue of suicide.
Much of sociological work is anchored in the Emile Durkheim’s work ‘Suicide’. According to Durkheim, suicide takes place due to two issues social regulation (if high, fatalistic and if low, anomic)  and/or social integration (if high, altruistic and if low, egoistic).
Taking a look at the KNUST case, if the note left is anything to go by, it is a clear case of fatalistic suicide. Thus,  because of the lady’s inability to meet certain expectations of her parents, she had to commit suicide to do with the ‘disappointment’. As to what the expectations were, it remains untold.
On the latest case of UG, if the bipolar issue resulting in depression is anything to go by, then that will be a case of egoistic suicide. Depression is one of the socio-psychological issues confronting the human race. I’m depression, the depressed need much attention and care from others which if not met, results in saddening conditions coupled with funny thoughts. Ironically, depressed people hardly make their depressed states known. Bearing in mind that the lady was sick for some time now and hardly frequented lectures this semester, the question of ‘Who or how many cared and gave attention?’ comes in.
Not to bore you with a lot to read, I will end here. In Part 2, we’ll look at best ways to deal with the four causes of suicide as postulated by Emile Durkheim.

Good day!

BA. Sociology and Social Work (Kumasi)



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