KNUST dismisses 2 students for ATL Clash

Two students of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Tech. have been dismissed by the authorities, according to information reaching CampusLeakz. The students were served their dismissal because of their roles in the clash that took place on Friday March 14, 2017 in the University of Cape Coast between ATL, Commonwealth and Unity Halls against the Oguaa Hall. The clash resulted in the injuring of three students of UCC, with one of the victims currently paralyzed and on admission at 37 Military Hospital in Accra. 
Information reaching our news desk indicates that the police are engaging in an inter-institution investigation approach to bring to book all offenders. With this approach, the police will engage authorities in UG, UCC and KNUST. Already the UCC Police has picked up over 20 students of ATL Hall to help in investigations including hall leaders to help in investigation.

Ahead of the ATL PAWA Night on March 17, 2017,  ‘Vandals’ of Commonwealth Hall, UG arrived in UCC in the evening to be part of the ‘festival’. As usual, the Vandals decided to ‘warm-up’ with a procession (procĂ©) amidst ‘morale’ (jama songs), which took them to Oguaa Hall which is not too far from ATL Hall. Upon reaching Oguaa Hall, the porters of the hall refused the Vandals entry into the hall because some of them were naked and their tendency to disrupt the serenity and calm in the hall. 

This refusal by the porters led to an uproar and confrontation by the Vandals, who were soon joined by the Continentals of Unity Hall, KNUST who arrived just around that time. The confrontation ended in a vandalism attack on the facilities of ATL, including glass doors and windows and a Toyota Coaster bus belonging to the hall, as well as attacks on some members of Oguaa Hall.

We’ll continue following this story and bring you up to speed with how it develops.

A News Desk report.


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