GIJ: SRC Aspirants fume over filing fees

Some aspirants in the Student Representative Council (SRC) elections to be conducted at the Ghana Institute of Journalism (GIJ), have raised red flags over what they call outrageous filing fees charged by the school’s Electoral Commission. 

The Electoral Commission of the school has increased the filing fees by hundred percent. Presidential aspirants who paid GHC 500 cedis, are now required to pay GHC 1,000, while the fee for rest of the portfolios, have been increased from GHC 400 to GHC 800. 

In a Citi News interview with one of the presidential aspirants, Bashit Mohammed, he alleged that, the move is a deliberate one by the student leadership to frustrate some of the aspirants to give others an upper hand in the elections. 

“This is a well-planned agenda to frustrate some of us. There have been issues and counter allegations and in fact, empirical evidence that these people have a candidate in mind. There has been that kind of rot in the system of which they think that with their preferred choice of candidates in that capacity, they will shield that kind of rot in the system.”

Another presidential aspirant, Jonathan Adjie Mawutor, said the action is in breach of the school’s electoral laws. 

He thus cautioned that he and his colleagues will fight for the right thing to be done. 

Meanwhile, the Public Relations Officer of the School’s SRC, Stephen Agyapong, said the increase is a legitimate move to generate funds for the SRC Fund which is in dire need. 

He also debunked claims of a diabolical move to frustrate some aspirants, insisting that the specified amounts will not be reduced.



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