“My bread business started in KNUST”, says mocked ‘Breadpreneur’

John Dumelo on Saturday, had posted the picture above, of Godfred Obeng Boateng, who was selling bread in traffic on Instagram and wrote: “Just saw a knust grad hawking in traffic.. what went wrong?” 

This stirred controversy as some people thought it was demeaning for John to have alluded that it was wrong for a graduate to sell bread in traffic. 

This has given Godfred a lot of publicity to the extent that some have suggested John Dumelo’s post may have been a contrivance with the bread seller for promotion purposes. The mockery has started hashtags such as #BuyA1Bread, #A1BreadSelfie, #A1Bread, etc.

In the midst of the debates, the gentleman who owns the A1 Bakery in Kumasi has revealed to ghanaweb.com in an interview that he was comfortable selling bread in the street. 

“I wanna create businesses. I want to create brands. And you know I love brands. I am a marketing guy,” he stated.

He also said that even though he has not gone for his certificate, he knows he is a graduate and what matters in earning a living with what he does. 

“…I am KNUST graduate even though I have not gone for my certificate. But I know I am a graduate. I will go for my certificate one of these days,” he said. 

“I was doing this full time then and school was part time,” he further noted. 

Watch the full interview in the video below:


John Dumelo has since apologized and promised to join Godfred hawk his bread on the streets soon.



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