10 Ghanaian Facebook Accounts to follow to make you smile everyday

We present to you 10 Facebook accounts that you may follow to enjoy humour in different shades and lighten up your world. These personalities have funny ways of getting their followers or Facebook friends ‘cracked up’ in the day. Check out the accounts below:

1. Nana Awere Damoah

A practicing Chemical Engineer by training, writer by passion and a satirist by mischief, Nana Awere Damoah has a witty way of mocking the ills that take place in Ghana. A stroll on his wall reveals satire of public figures particularly politicians. He’s a co-lead of DAkpabli Publishers, has authored about 5 books and one of the two brains behind the DAkpabli Readthons. He’s a past student of Ghana National College.

2.H E Olga Vladimir Boshovoi

As for this woman, the things she can say will shock you. She says it just as it is when she has to castigate wrongdoing (I can imagine her giving a stern warning), though there would be a funny element in there. She makes light-heart posts which sets your day on course and sets you up for a goodnight sleep, with her ‘light out posts’ which usually end with…..”the last person should switch off the lights”.

3. Francis Kennedy Ocloo (Awareness General)

You’re on Facebook and haven’t heard of the #AwarenessArmy? Well this past student of St. Mary’s Boys in Takoradi, is the Awareness General of the Awareness Army on Facebook. His non-fa posts are matchless as well as his snitching abilities. His witty posts are enough to make you forget your worries. Nowadays, he shares everyday anonymous stories on his timeline to help seek answers and solutions to problems confronting people as well as putting smiles on the face of Army members.His army members are requesting for him to #WedFlo…. want to know Flo?

4. Kossi Akplah

Heir to the #WeScare movement and the founder of ‘#Distin distin’. A D. Pharm student of KNUST, this young ‘phool’ cracks his followers up everyday with a creative original funny post. The way he makes ethnic stereotypes fun is commendable. He has co-authored two books at the moment and is a past student of Mfantsipim School.

5. Madridista Firmer

Call him King of hashtag games on Facebook and Twitter. He’s referred to by some as the school father of Kossi Akplah due to the fact they both love to ‘phool’and are products of Mfantsipim School. A trained and practicing optometrist (runs his own optometry clinic as well) and an ardent fan of Real Madrid, Firmer is known by his followers for making witty comments and trolling. He’s the founder of the #WeScare movement and senior member of the Fussbol Talkz group on Facebook.

6. Abena Magis

She’s always itching to say something as shown in her personal hashtag #ManoKekaMe. Her posts funnily bash bad people most of the time. She also shares relationship issues for discussion among her followers to help others and advises as well. She describes herself as an ‘unemployed journalist’ and described by others as a ‘real talker’. She attended Ghana National College as well. 

7. Pope Dee Barnabas IV

The CEO of the Forkins Nations (FN) never disappoints with his #Forkins posts. A telecommunication specialist, Pope has a way of bringing much laughter to his followers. He’s a regular panelist on Home Affairs on Joy FM every Saturday morning. He’s a proud father of a win named BJ and a past student of Accra Academy.

8. Selorm Branttie

He’s one of the great analytical minds in Ghana. Despite his great analytical skills, the humourous side of the past student of WASS, cannot be understated. 

9. Kwadwo Sheldon

As for Kwadwo Sheldon who works with OMG Voice, the less said about him the better. This guy is just………

10. O B Amponsah

A trained optometrist, this comedian (sorry, comic specialist/ corporate comic) just posts to elicit laughter for his followers. The less said about him too the better.

One interesting thing about all these accounts are the way the educate and consel people with their posts one way or the other. Other accounts such as that of the Facebook South MP are worth mentioning too. Click on the names and see what we are talking about.




  1. Hahahah ahah this got me cracking. But who is behind this web, M’asereeeee saaaHahahah ahah this got me cracking. But who is behind this web, M’asereeeee saaa


  2. I think you should follow Iddi Mohammed fab. He’s better than most of the guys in the list. You can ask Kwadwo Sheldon about him when they battled in the #SouthVrsNorth fb trolling. He’s Dammnnn good


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