THE COURT OF LOVE – Chronicles from Ghana’s 2012 Election Petition

So in the course of the 2012 Election Petition which was heard in the Supreme Court of Ghana,  some of the most popular words used in the hearing, as of May, 2013, were pieced together and first seen on the Facebook wall of John Owusu as……


You know you are the ‘Supreme Court’ in my heart;

The only ‘Pink Sheet’ in my ‘Polling Station’;

‘No Verification, No Vote’ cannot annul you from my heart;

No ‘over-voting’ can stop me from loving you;

You bring ‘ORDER’! into the court of my heart

All those girls you see around are ‘irregularities, malpractices and


On the face of our love there are ‘no serial numbers’.

Forget what your friends say because ‘You and I were not there.’

I have in my hands an ‘Affidavit’ that I want you,

And that confirms my love for you.

With much love,

Your lover boy

This is an edited version……

All rights reserved

(c) May, 2013




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