A novelty was initiated on social media platform, Whatsapp on Friday June 16, 2017 as past students of Ghana National College (GhanaColl) went wild on their whatsapp statuses exhibiting their school in different videos, pictures and gifs. The interesting part of this activity, dubbed the #1948Hours Challenge, was the impressive way the different aspects of school life on the ‘Broken Hills’ was brought to the fore eliciting nostalgia and the way it was embraced by all both young and old. 

This online activity was powered and led by the Old Nationals Network, a group of positive-minded and free-spirited committed past students of the school ready to help the school develop. Speaking to Vijana GH on the rationale behind the activity, a member of the group, Kofi Opandoh pointed out that the group needed to just come up with something to whip up the enthusiasm of other past students of the school and project the school more to the world. He further stated that


the name ‘1948 Hours’ was chosen because the school was first opened in 1948 and so the group decided to create a link to the year and came up with 1948 Hours, as in 7:48pm. So the activity started from 7:48pm and lasted over about 3 hours of people just posting about their school.”

A leading member of the group Kwaku B. Kissiedu pointed out that group is not a splinter group nor an appendage of the ‘mother’ alumni association. Instead the group just exists to promote and help the school grow and takes its rightful position among other top-flight senior high schools in Ghana.

He expressed gratitude on behalf of the group, to the Almighty God and patrons of the #1948Hours for making it an undoubted success, given the less than 24-hour publicity. He concluded by asking all past students to brace up for a mid-year get-together to commemorate the founding of the school on July 22 in Accra.

Brief on Ghana National College 

Ghana National College is a senior high school founded by Ghana’s first President Dr. Kwame Nkrumah in Tuesday July 20, 1948. It is located on the Mennya Mennwu Hills in Cape Coast, Ghana. It is on record that the school had ‘Ghana’ in its name, nine  (9) years before the Gold Coast became known as Ghana. It has produced a lot of reputable persons in Ghana and abroad in the areas of academia, science, technology, law, banking, mass communication, education, politics, security, art among other areas.

Story: Prince O. Kissi


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