The most exciting thing about school reopening and lectures rolling
around is getting a sense of what trends ouro fashion icons have for
the semester; The colors that wouldd be trending at various parties.
Trends predicted  to be seen on campus runways ,
Chambray: denim is predicted to be a mainstay on runways but pale
blue Chambray is perfect any day.
Its super easy to throw on , Washington and go.Chambray is the perfect
fabric to mix in with all your daring pieces.
By: Eunice Matt-Darquah


White- White is consistently on the runways each season.
Whites pairs  nicely with just about any other color.
It lends a sophistication to black and grays and adds a crips edge to brights.
By: Eunice Matt-Darquah


Hello lovely ladies and gentlemen! Campusleakz welcomes you once again back on your various campuses and to your debut and favorite segment  FASHIONISTA. The Fashionista Segment entails all we need to know in the fashion world from ribbons to ties. Today, we’ll shall take a look at the three important things every lady needs to have in her handbag.
A lot can be told of a man from the shoes he wears and same can be said of a lady about the content of her handbag. There are certain things you must always keep in your bag as a lady. If you have a big bag, it must not be shown of but its purpose must be met too.
You must always have some form of identification. Eg. ID card or driver’s license must be in your bag even if its the photocopy (safety sake). You never know when your identity would need to be clarified.
Lip gloss and powder is what you need to retouch your make up and make you look fresh even after a day’s lectures. You need a mirror to tell you the state of your make up, face, hair and teeth. You don’t want to to be walking about on campus with lipstick stain on your teeth.
3. UMBRELLA AND SANITARIES ( hand sanitizer, sanitary towels and tissue)
You never know when the rains will set in. It’s therefore mandatory to keep an umbrella in your bag to prevent that trendy hairstyle n clothes from getting wet before you destine.Don’t forget your hand sanitizer, sanitary towels and tissues because that day might fail you.
Stay tuned for more….
By Hannah Kwaw-Yankson.