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There are children wailing all around, here and there, there are tears all around.
Have we ever wondered, with all the natural mineral resources we have,
Gold, diamond, bauxite, timber, cocoa among others,
We still linger in the waters of poverty,
Our shadows in tears and stress, Hardship and sadness cover us.

From the centuries of our forefathers, to the 21st century we live in.
We still encounter their slavery; we let ourselves to be brainwash,
Adapting to their culture all in the name of fashion.
Civilization they call it, is ruining us gradually.
Our resources stolen by them, a new form of colonization they adopt.
Ripping us of our riches, playing with our mentality.
Using our own people to destroy our leaders,
From the Nkrumah of Ghana,
To the Mandela of South Africa,
From the Rawlings of Ghana,
To the Gaddafi of Libya,
From the Thomas Sankara of Burkina Faso,
To the of Idi Amin of Uganda,
From the Samora of Mozambique,
To the Jomo Kenyatta of Kenya,
From the Patrice Emery Lumumba of Congo,
To the Julius Kambarage Nyerere of Tanzania,
From the Haile Selassie of Ethiopia,
To the Mugabe of Zimbabwe and Kenneth Kaunda of Zambia,
This are real and great African Leaders who had Africa at heart.
The Struggles they made those days, we never appreciated
We criticized them, yet we knew not it was leading to our doom,
In the likes of the Libyans,
They knew not the disaster they were heading to,
To the riches they enjoyed that they were not contented,
Then the killing of Leader Gaddafi,
This made them to see the real situation at hand,
Till today, Libyans cry of the mistakes they did, and wish they could turn back the hands of time,
An example is not different from the tribunals of Nkrumah,
A real son of Africa, A nationality of Ghana,
Who was brutally overthrown and died in exile,
Ghanaians cry till today, of the loss of a great son,
Whom they never cherished, till he died.
With all these that happen,
We never learn from our mistakes,
We Still make them superior over us,
I weep, I become distress, I ask myself, when will we.
Will we remain ignorant as we are or a time will come that we will change?
Till then, I pray and hope that one day,
We will wake up and take action to become the Africa (Continent) we needed to be long before.

Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation (APIIT/ APU-MALAYSIA).



If wishes were horses, beggars will ride
You wish to be like that girl. You wish to be like that boy.
You wish to be rich and successful like that politician. You wish to be like that famous celebrity. When will that wish stop. As said, “Rome was not built in a day”.

The success you people enjoying did not evolve within a day; neither did it pop up within a twinkle of an eye. But rather, it was built through a sequence of hardship, sorrows, sadness, betrayal, determination, motivation and courage.
Ever sat down, to think of the pains and toils they passed through in other to get to that stage.
Ever thought of what they sacrificed to get to that height?
Be careful friend, ALL THAT GLITTERS IS NOT GOLD. Success is not something done once, but something done repeatedly. It is good to wish for success, but what good it is when you sit down alms folded without putting in any effort. Remember, everyone and the talent that he/she was gifted.
The effort you put in today would yield in the future. When the time gets tough, strive hard, and when it gets tougher strive harder, and when it reaches its peak, then put in all your best. Because, we never know where the opportunity lies for us.
It is not about just saying it, but rather putting your words in to action.
Do not wish or imitate someone, for envyness is ignorance. You kill your inner self just because you want to be exactly like that boy or girl. Let me remind you, you are in no competition with anyone but rather yourself. Once you bear that in mind, you will know your inner strength, the talent you have been hiding for long, and the great characteristics you possess.
Strive to be better than the person you were before yesterday and your life will never be the same.
Now your past is gone, the evil you committed is gone, the wrong you did is already past. Now is the time to focus on the future, the future you want to see, the future you want to build and the future you want to have.
This is the reality at hand, it is never too late to change. Take the initiative and act towards the action. For every step taken now would impact your life and your generations.

Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation (APIIT/ APU-MALAYSIA).



Just yesterday I had a real MOM. One whose love superseded every human on earth.
Today people say my aunties are my MOMS now, but truth be told, they are my aunties
They are not the ones who carried me for 9 months.
Not the ones who had to deal with ma stubbornness for years.
Not the ones who pampered me.
Not the ones whose shoulders I cried on when things went bad.
On that faithful day, I woke up with tears not knowing what was wrong.
I believe it was your way of telling me you are no more so I should take care of myself.
As human as we both are, there were moments when either one of us or the both of us got angry, but it never really lasted.
Tears wouldn’t flow when I heard of your demise, but just when I was about sleeping, I decided to write this down and memories of you made me cry.
For every single letter, a happy moment that we once shared pops up and the tears keep flowing.
For a moment I got scared and wondered, “How are you feeling in the grave this night?”
There was lights out here thanks to ECG and this place was so dark and scary how much more that grave.
How lonely you were going to be was so much of a worry?
Your last days in this life were very painful
Sickness took a huge toll on you. It was pain throughout.
There were times that you will mention my name when the pains started.
I responded to your calls and all you say is “AM IN PAIN”.
Those were one of the moments I wished God could just transfer some of the pain to me because I could feel your pain.
Even in your painful moments, you kept promising me “Hanif I will buy you that suit”.
We always sat together talking about how my graduation would be.
Where are you now that graduation is almost here? How are we to take those pictures we decided to take?
How can I decorate our walls with my graduation pictures without you in them? It don’t seem right.
Tell me Mom, who is supposed to drive the car I decided to buy you when I make it in life?
Thinking of my future without you in it makes it more difficult to hold back my tears.
You are gone now, all there is to do is to PRAY for you.
Brothers and Sister, as you read this, I ask you to pray for my MOM and all dead people.
Each and every one of us has lost a dear one. Take a moment to reflect on the few moments you shared with them.
Think about those memories. You miss Him or Her right? Pray for that person because that’s the best you can do.
God knows best.
“From God we came and to him we shall return”
Death is coming for us to, let’s be ready.
Written by Hanif Mustapha (c) 2015
I pray you are in a better place Mom



Life is a process. It starts from birth and ends at death. We all have to go through this process. None of us is Immune to this. We all have a beginning and an end. You fear death and so do I. Soldiers fear death, “mortuary men” fear death, imams, pastors, popes, monks. Every one of us fears death. There are a few who claim death is inevitable so they are ready and don’t fear death. IT’S A LIE!!! #HanifSAIDso. If not every religion, most religions believe in life after death. What really happens after death is a mystery. This pays no particular attention to any religion; am being factual.

What happens after death? Where do I go after death? How dark will my grave or coffin be? Will my soul roam the earth? and more are the many questions the living keep asking themselves. I have heard a Gazillion near-death stories, where people claim they went to heaven or hell. I just don’t understand why every single story has to be different. Which of the stories must we believe then? One thing every religious person knows for sure is that if u live a good life, u enjoy your after life and it’s vice versa if u live a bad life.
Basing on the two major religions across the world; Islam and Christianity. I attended funerals of both religions and realized one thing. Once you are buried, no body stays behind. Every single person leaves your graveside.
STORY: There was one time a widow wanted to follow her husband into the grave. Her wailing started at home during the funeral. Her children and other relatives kept begging her to please stay. But her eldest son kept watching. At the graveyard, just before the casket was lowered into the grave, his son asked them to hold on, he opened the casket and asked his mom to please join his father in it. It was a very awkward moment because those crying started giggling; the woman inclusive. Knowing the point the son was trying to prove the pastor asked the woman to please hurry because time was far spent. The woman kindly begged her son to close the casket and begged the pastor to proceed. The son did as asked without saying a word and the pastor did his part. On reaching home, the son asked the people around to ask his mother why she didn’t join his father in the casket. All she said was, “Can I stand the heat in the casket?”. That statement made a few people laugh. It was a nice way to forget about the dead person already. After all you are the one dead, you no longer have a place in this world.
Lock yourself up in a room, put off the lights, lie down on the bed silently and close your eyes. Imagine that darkness? Now compare it to that of the grave or casket; the heat inclusive. It doesn’t feel nice right? After death, you gain the pleasure of enjoying a “kingly” ride as you ride on the shoulders of people when they carry u to the grave. This is the last respect you are paid. The rest is prayers and your burial underground. No one will even turn around to look back at your grave to give you a proper bye.
Death will come to you and me. It’s just a matter of who will go first. Age, strength, wisdom and the like are not factors. My school son died at age 15, my Grandma died at an old age, My friends auntie lost a baby at child`s birth. Some people die of sicknesses like malaria, cancer, cholera, Ebola AIDS, diabetes and even headache or stomach ache. Some die through accidents. Some die peacefully whilst asleep, some die in the toilet, some die through crime, some die on the battlefield. There are a million ways people die and it is unpredictable. Except for the fools who commit suicide out of depression, love and the others. My fellow Muslim brothers who claim suicide bombing is a way of pleasing the Almighty and going to heaven, are you that dumb? Why should you mistake your political differences for your religious differences? If what you were doing was right, why are Muslims like me still alive? You think I don’t want to be in paradise? Think!!!
How many people we know have died? How long did it take to forget them? Once you are dead this world is not your place. Thoughts of you are very occasional. Whatever we have in this life is VANITY. Christians do well by placing you in a casket, dressing the dead body, spraying cologne on your nice suit or gown and for the girls you get a wig, lipstick, polished nails, etc. It`s very different with Muslims. You take nothing along. No casket, no clothes, nothing except for a cheap white calico cloth. What would u need it for anyway? It`s just a waste of money.
Take for example, death by accident. People who are first to get to this scenes mostly go in for the phones, money and any other valuable belongings of the victims. The point here is this, immediately you die, everything of yours is no longer yours. That very day people start choosing which of your cars to use, which house to sell or rent, which of your clothes should be worn and which should be thrown away. All your life, you chose what kind of water to bathe with but when you die you are bathed with water you wouldn’t have used if you were alive. Any hidden scar that you had on your body will be exposed. Nothing of yours is yours anymore. You are useless and just like a dead animal. The only advantage you have over a dead animal is that, people will cry for your loss. And the advantage a sheep, goat, fowl and the rest have over human beings is that, they are still useful after death “They are eaten”. For us humans, nobody needs you for anything so you are dumped in a hole (grave).
One time I sat in a car on my way to Kumasi from Accra. A Christian preacher came in to preach and he made particular emphasis on death and how useless human beings were. I figured out that day that if a Christian died, he is dissected, internal organs removed and cotton used to fill the empty body. The top of the skull is sometimes opened and cotton is also inserted there. For those with big teeth, a hammer is used to hit the teeth so it goes into the mouth. In the past, a big stone was used to smash the teeth. After the hitting, the lips are glued together to cover the mouth and or sewn together. For tall people, their legs are broken so they fit into the coffin.
My brother, my sister, imagine how those bodies were not respected and underwent all that just so they are “thrown away”. Imagine the number of people who have gone through this same thing? Are you better than them? Do u think death knocked on their door before coming for them?
This is not one of those religious lectures but in relation to your Religion, are you prepared? Are you ready?
YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE. Live right because death is real and you might be next!!!
Written by Hanif Mustapha (c) 2015




I have always hated people who totally loose it when their “hearts get broken”. To some, it’s a question of “what did I ever do” and to others its “I would never love again”. This same question and statement are made away with in most cases. Give it a few months, a year or 2 at most. The expressions “Love Grows” is particularly interesting and true. There are a few other expressions of love that I think are true. The thing is, I know a lot of friends who always use the word “LOVE” whenever they date. If they breaks up with a so-called “LOVE” today, that same person would start a new relationship some few months later and be in Love again. Get it?

Have always wondered if all what I see in the movies and read in the books existed; Titanic, Romeo and Juliet, Twilight and the likes. They take love to a different level. Making love a really special thing. They are ready to die for each other, understand each other, care for each other and all the phrases and words you can attribute to love. 
Another thing is, is there really anything like types of love? The Agape love and what have we is quite useless to me. LOVE is one. LOVE is LOVE. There only thing is, some “loves” are intimate than others. Like a mother-son LOVE and Husband-wife LOVE. I see no reason why LOVE must be in forms or types or whatever it is.
My point here is that, we have to learn to use the word LIKE more often, because it defines relationships better. If u like someone; you care, you adore, you understand, you are there for the person in times of need. No “broken heart”. 
Love is NOT about CHOCLATE and ROSES. The same way marriage is NOT about SEXUAL SATISFACTION and PROCREATION. LOVE is more than that. LOVE is doing the impossible for your partner. LOVE is been able to finish each other’s sentences. LOVE is feeling lonely when your partner leaves for work. LOVE is choosing your partner over everything. The fact that u are always thinking about someone doesn’t mean you LOVE him or her.
I tell you I don’t believe in Boyfriend/Girlfriend LOVE and you tell me am HEARTLESS. Yet between the two of us, my relationships are always the better. Dude be honest to that girl. Tell her you ADORE her, tell her you LIKE her. Do u understand love at all? I dont know why everybody claims to be in love nowadays. People meet for the first time and after a week, u hear them telling each other “I LOVE YOU”. 
Love is far bigger than what people take it to be. If u really want to know what love is ask your MOM and DAD. I put it to you “there is no girl on this earth who can take the place of your MOM or no boy who can take the place of your DAD”. Love is one, there is nothing like loving someone more than another person. Ask yourself, why do you claim you love your GIRLFRIEND/BOYFRIEND so much but yet still your MOTHER/FATHERS` love supersedes that of your partner. What am trying to say here is this, the very day you are told to choose between your MOM and your girlfriend or your DAD and your boyfriend and you can’t choose between them, that’s when you can say you love your partner.
To all the weak- hearted girls who cry till their eyes pop-out, when they “BREAK UP” with the “LOVE” of their lives. Just shut up, if you were “HEART- BROKEN”, you will be dead by now. Stop disturbing your friends with your wailing. I thought he was madly in love with you. What happened? That’s not how LOVE works? You were so “LOVE-STRUCK” that, you didn’t notice he was cheating or was just taking advantage of you. Other guys will use and dump you just like he did. All they need to say is “I LOVE YOU” and then polish their other lines a little. That’s it right? I wonder how many guys you will love till marriage. I pity your future husband. He will be the tenth guy you have said “I LOVE YOU” to. Are you a whore or what? Or your lips just love saying “I LOVE YOU”.
An annoying High-Five to all the guys out there who are using the “I LOVE YOU TRICK”. How is it going guys? I bet it’s going better than you hoped. God is watching you. Keep “breaking” the hearts of those innocent and “I will only date a guy who LOVES me” girls. Ah well, since they will only date guys who “LOVE” them and guys are so good at lying, then I guess that settles the score.

Written by Hanif Mustapha (c) 2015



  1. Your article just made me shed tears. Man ought to see death as inevitable which we must brace ourselves for. For your welfare, God will surely sort you out. Keep hopes alive!!!


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