There are children wailing all around, here and there, there are tears all around.
Have we ever wondered, with all the natural mineral resources we have,
Gold, diamond, bauxite, timber, cocoa among others,
We still linger in the waters of poverty,
Our shadows in tears and stress, Hardship and sadness cover us.

From the centuries of our forefathers, to the 21st century we live in.
We still encounter their slavery; we let ourselves to be brainwash,
Adapting to their culture all in the name of fashion.
Civilization they call it, is ruining us gradually.
Our resources stolen by them, a new form of colonization they adopt.
Ripping us of our riches, playing with our mentality.
Using our own people to destroy our leaders,
From the Nkrumah of Ghana,
To the Mandela of South Africa,
From the Rawlings of Ghana,
To the Gaddafi of Libya,
From the Thomas Sankara of Burkina Faso,
To the of Idi Amin of Uganda,
From the Samora of Mozambique,
To the Jomo Kenyatta of Kenya,
From the Patrice Emery Lumumba of Congo,
To the Julius Kambarage Nyerere of Tanzania,
From the Haile Selassie of Ethiopia,
To the Mugabe of Zimbabwe and Kenneth Kaunda of Zambia,
This are real and great African Leaders who had Africa at heart.
The Struggles they made those days, we never appreciated
We criticized them, yet we knew not it was leading to our doom,
In the likes of the Libyans,
They knew not the disaster they were heading to,
To the riches they enjoyed that they were not contented,
Then the killing of Leader Gaddafi,
This made them to see the real situation at hand,
Till today, Libyans cry of the mistakes they did, and wish they could turn back the hands of time,
An example is not different from the tribunals of Nkrumah,
A real son of Africa, A nationality of Ghana,
Who was brutally overthrown and died in exile,
Ghanaians cry till today, of the loss of a great son,
Whom they never cherished, till he died.
With all these that happen,
We never learn from our mistakes,
We Still make them superior over us,
I weep, I become distress, I ask myself, when will we.
Will we remain ignorant as we are or a time will come that we will change?
Till then, I pray and hope that one day,
We will wake up and take action to become the Africa (Continent) we needed to be long before.

Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation (APIIT/ APU-MALAYSIA).


Just yesterday I had a real MOM. One whose love superseded every human on earth.
Today people say my aunties are my MOMS now, but truth be told, they are my aunties
They are not the ones who carried me for 9 months.
Not the ones who had to deal with ma stubbornness for years.
Not the ones who pampered me.
Not the ones whose shoulders I cried on when things went bad.
On that faithful day, I woke up with tears not knowing what was wrong.
I believe it was your way of telling me you are no more so I should take care of myself.
As human as we both are, there were moments when either one of us or the both of us got angry, but it never really lasted.
Tears wouldn’t flow when I heard of your demise, but just when I was about sleeping, I decided to write this down and memories of you made me cry.
For every single letter, a happy moment that we once shared pops up and the tears keep flowing.
For a moment I got scared and wondered, “How are you feeling in the grave this night?”
There was lights out here thanks to ECG and this place was so dark and scary how much more that grave.
How lonely you were going to be was so much of a worry?
Your last days in this life were very painful
Sickness took a huge toll on you. It was pain throughout.
There were times that you will mention my name when the pains started.
I responded to your calls and all you say is “AM IN PAIN”.
Those were one of the moments I wished God could just transfer some of the pain to me because I could feel your pain.
Even in your painful moments, you kept promising me “Hanif I will buy you that suit”.
We always sat together talking about how my graduation would be.
Where are you now that graduation is almost here? How are we to take those pictures we decided to take?
How can I decorate our walls with my graduation pictures without you in them? It don’t seem right.
Tell me Mom, who is supposed to drive the car I decided to buy you when I make it in life?
Thinking of my future without you in it makes it more difficult to hold back my tears.
You are gone now, all there is to do is to PRAY for you.
Brothers and Sister, as you read this, I ask you to pray for my MOM and all dead people.
Each and every one of us has lost a dear one. Take a moment to reflect on the few moments you shared with them.
Think about those memories. You miss Him or Her right? Pray for that person because that’s the best you can do.
God knows best.
“From God we came and to him we shall return”
Death is coming for us to, let’s be ready.
By: Hanif Mustapha.
I pray you are in Heaven Mom


“BACK and 4TH”

The glooming of the day whispers into a clear thought that hoovers in an empty home
Echoes from the past resound as loony tunes which haunted us all nights
Shame looms out of the blue with an infectious smile. Where can I hide?
Strings attached never change our destinies
We make one of our own; but how can we delve into our destinies while we are enslaved by adverse conditions?
In my mind’s eye, I’m walking at ease but in reality the path seems narrow
What should i do to retrace my steps when I’m lost?
The story still remains untold as the Ruler sits on the throne
By Emmanuel P.K. Andoh


Shades of Glory

I see Roller-blades and skateboards gliding by the circuit of life.
You are juggling hard work and determination to catch success.
Give reverence to whom it is due and listen not to what they say when you are afflicted.
Time is flying so high that astronauts can’t reach it.
Make the most of your time before it lapses.
Don’t allow your decisions today to jeopardize your future.
Remember that we are the treasures of the earth but the miners are deserted.
By Emmanuel P.K. Andoh